Most ridiculous product

I recently watched a report on CNN about a new car accessory product. I give this product the award for the most ridiculous new product of the year. It is called CarLashes and I would much rather show you what it is rather than describe it in words. Check out the YouTube video below.

First of all, they show this product on a BMW 5 Series which happens to be a beautiful piece of automotive art and these CarLashes butcher it. This product is obviously intended for females and I am sure you will never see a straight male putting them on his car…unless he is trying to get beaten up. This product looks ridiculous but is apparently starting to become a little popular now. I hope I never actually see this product in person but I think the idea alone is an awful one.

If this company ends up making a lot of money from this product then it will be a good example that sometimes terrible product ideas can get lucky and be successful as well. This product’s only attribute is that it attracts attention. This attention is certainly not always the good type of attention but I guess some people will take it any way they can get it. I do actually see a market for this product so I will not be that surprised to see it become popular.

There are many people that buy little car decorations that they glue to the dash or cartoon characters that they buy as steering wheel covers. This is the target customer for these eyelashes. As an auto enthusiast, I think it is a travesty to put this accessory on a luxury vehicle like a BMW, but I guess if there is demand for it, then the makers of CarLashes should capitalize on it.