Most important part of WikiLeaks documents

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The recent WikiLeaks news about communication within the U.S. government abroad is making all the news headlines around the world. Almost every country is discussing the parts that relate to them first. However, the one topic that most countries are discussing other than matters having to do with them is the issue with Iran. This post is not about whether or not all this information should have been leaked or about what all the documents tell us about the world. We will leave those issues for another day. The only thing I want to discuss right now is Iran because that is the most important part of this latest information spill from WikiLeaks.

The documents about Iran did not surprise me even a tiny bit. I have been saying all along that most of the Arab world wanted the U.S. or Israel to attack Iran’s nuclear program. To me this was obvious. However, I understand that most people will be surprised by this news. It is very rare that Israel will be on the same side of an issue with most of the Arab world. Arab countries like Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the list goes on…Have told U.S. officials that military action needs to be taken to stop Iran from building a nuclear bomb. This was already known to some, but the fact that it is public changes how the Middle East will work on this issue moving forward.

It now makes sense that Saudi Arabia and Jordan secretly authorized Israeli fighter jets to use their airspace for an attack on Iran. It also makes sense that all of these countries would not be upset or vengeful if Israel attacked Iran. In fact, they would be thrilled. Iran poses the same risk to all these countries as it does to Israel. Now that the public and Iran knows that almost everyone is against them, we will see how they choose to react. They certainly will feel more pressure now than before and this is very good news.

This news can also help to bring the Arab world closer to Israel which is also good news. Regardless of whether you think WikiLeaks is good for the world or not, it definitely helped on the nuclear Iran issue. Now it is up to all the countries involved to utilize this opportunity and diffuse the situation in the best way possible.