Midterm elections today, entire world is affected

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Today is Election Day in the U.S. and it is looking very likely that the Democrats will lose many seats and probably some control in the Congress. President Obama will find that he has even less people to work with than he has right now after the election results and this will impact more than just the U.S.A.

A Washington D.C. that has more Republican influence, while a Democrat President is in power will likely mean that less accomplishments will come out of the U.S. government. This was not the case when a similar situation occurred to President Bill Clinton when he was in power, but the divisiveness between the parties is much stronger today than it was in the 90′s. It doesn’t seem very likely that this situation will make President Obama a better President like it did for President Clinton. It will just be more Republicans telling the President that they are not going to agree with his bills and choices. It will likely result in even more deadlock on Capitol Hill

For the rest of the world, this means that relationships with various countries may be a bit tenser than they have been for the last two years. Although they are more open to trade, Republicans are also known for not always being the friendliest global neighbours. From an economic perspective, it is very possible that global markets, starting with those in the U.S. will see more uncertainty and less help from the government. The lack of unity among the two political parties will likely mean that even less reform and good decisions will be made. This can hurt almost every country as the economy of the U.S. is largest single factor of the global economy.

The one bright spot in all this is that economies rise and fall only partially due to government policy. A lot of what happens with economies has to do with market cycles. Don’t get me wrong, various U.S. Presidents made this past recession worst than it would have been otherwise, especially President George W. Bush, but some level of economic downturn may very well have occurred anyways. I hope I am wrong about the government in Washington after this election, but we will see over the next two years.