Middle East peace talks to start again

 Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu Pictures, Images and Photos

It was announced yesterday that direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians would commence on September 2nd in Washington D.C. This alone means nothing if it doesn’t yield the results the U.S. envisions of having the talks end in an agreement within one year. By that they mean that everyone will agree and begin implementing an official Palestinian country, as well as, peace with Israel.

This is an issue that has plagued the region and the world since Israel won Independence in 1948 and even before then. The timing of this is important to the region and the parties involved because having Muslim countries hate Israel a little less will strengthen their calls to reign in Iranian nuclear threats. However, I find the timing more interesting from a U.S. perspective.

This November we will see the midterm elections in the U.S. take place. The polls say that the Democrats are on track to lose some seats and perhaps even control of the House and Senate. The major reason for this is the economy. Although the Democrats and President Obama cannot be blamed for the recession, many people are starting to blame them for the slow pace of recovery. When people have no jobs they want things to change and that means Republicans instead of Democrats. The Obama administration is trying to fix the economy and the jobs situation but in reality, governments do not have as much control over capitalist economies as they think they do.

Therefore, success needs to come in other areas. The Middle East is not too big of a gamble because everyone expects it to fail just like it has for every other person that has ever tried. However, The President is up for re-election in two years and if some success and progress takes place in that time then that will be something good to lean on. In two years the economy will have recovered enough to allow Obama to not have angry voters and with a better Middle East, this will make him a very tough candidate to beat.

Also, if you can imagine peace in the Middle East (something that is hard to do) you can only imagine that the economic benefits to the U.S. and the rest of the world will be very positive and that is relevant to a global economy that needs good news. It could begin to solve some of the world’s biggest problems and that should certainly be enough to re-elect the President for a 2nd term.