Middle East irony

The Middle East is filled with irony. The most obvious example of irony there is that it is supposed to be home to the most religious and sacred places on earth. The religions that were created there all speak of peace being their most important aspect. However, the Middle East is also home to the most violence and instability on earth. There is another important example of irony in the Middle East that is not as vague.

The Middle East is comprised of a bunch of Muslim countries and territories and one Jewish country (Israel). There are no Christian or Atheist countries to speak of this part of the world, just for the record. Also, democracies are hard to find in this region as well, with only one true democracy in Israel (Turkey may be the second if you consider it to be in the Middle East and not Europe). This region has been at war in some form or fashion for a very long time. Since Israel gained independence in 1948, the wars in the Middle East began to be more concentrated against them alone. It is a simple us versus them scenario with the Muslim world versus Israel.

Without getting too political about who is right or wrong and why, which is very easy to get in to when talking about war in the Middle East, there is a tremendous amount of irony in this fighting. The Muslim countries would all like to see Israel not exist in this region as they believe it is theirs alone. Israel believes that it does have legitimate reasons for existing there and sees no reason why it cannot exist alongside Muslim countries in that region. This is a major reason why the two sides have been at war since Israel’s independence, and even before then.

The irony in this is that although the Muslim countries do not want Israel to be in the Middle East, Israel’s existence is the best thing for those Muslim countries. The fact is that if Israel were to not exist in the Middle East, we would see all the Muslim countries fighting each other. They have done so throughout history and even still do in small ways today. I find this to be the most ironic part of the Middle East.

For anyone that disagrees with this notion that the Muslim countries would be fighting each other if it not for a common enemy in Israel, let’s look at some more recent developments. As we all know, Iran is trying to build a nuclear bomb. For those that are not aware, there are two main branches of Islam: Sunni and Shia. Majority of Muslims countries in the Middle East are Sunni, but Iran is Shia Muslim nation. The two branches often fight. Therefore, Iran obtaining nuclear weapons concerns not only Israel, their stated enemy, but also other Sunni Muslim countries. In fact, Saudi Arabia, which is a Sunni Muslim country that does not have diplomatic ties with Israel has recently given Israel the go ahead for its fighter jets to use its air space for attacking Iranian nuclear sites. This report was obviously denied by the Saudis, but it is likely true.

In addition, The U.S. has said recently that they will sell over 200 Patriot missiles to Kuwait. This weapon is a missile defense system that was developed by the U.S. and Israel to destroy incoming missiles that may carry chemical, biological or nuclear warheads. Obviously, Kuwait is not worried about Israeli missiles since Israel has had such capabilities for many years now and has no desire or reason to threaten Kuwait. Kuwait is also a Sunni Muslim nation and is terrified about the thought of a nuclear equipped Iran.

There are more examples to prove what I am saying, but these two examples should be enough to make anyone realize how ironic this situation is. Actually, by Iran trying to ”wipe Israel off the map”, it could open the door for future diplomatic progress between Israel and most Muslim countries in the Middle East. There you go another ironic story out of the Middle East.