Microsoft no longer dominates with Internet Explorer

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One of the leading internet data trackers, StatCounter, says that in the month of September Microsoft’s Internet Explorer had less than a majority of all internet browsing. They accounted for 49.9% of all browsing, which means that all the competitors combined had 50.1% for the first time. This is not unexpected to anyone that has been following this since Internet Explorer has been steadily dropping for a few years now.

Although they still currently have a larger market share than any one competitor, the trend is very clear in showing that it is only a matter of time until Microsoft will not be a leader in internet browsing. Instead, companies like Mozilla, Google and Apple are gaining ground on IE and will eventually surpass them. Mozilla’s Fire Fox, the current biggest gainer in market share offers tools that Microsoft never had and many people that try it end up never using IE again.

For Microsoft, it seems like there isn’t much they can do about regaining market share other than simply making a better product than the competition. The problem they have with that is that they never actually had to compete. Internet Explorer came standard on every PC for so many years that it is very questionable as to whether Microsoft can effectively compete with real competitors. Perhaps their best option is to develop tools and applications that can be added on to the competitors browsers that will make them better. This might sound counter intuitive but they can open up a whole market and be a leader within internet browsing once again, albeit in a slightly different way.

We will see in the years to come how Microsoft decides to approach this challenge.