Michael Moore backs the wrong person

Michael Moore Pictures, Images and Photos Michael Moore is famous for his left leaning ideologies and for his documentaries that expose certain government decisions and certain industries. On Friday during the throne speech, a 21 year old page named Brigette DePape interrupted the proceedings with a “stop Harper” sign. She later said that Canada needs an “Arab spring” in order to revolutionize Canada and get us away from the path that Prime Minister Harper is taking us on with some of his campaign policies. Michael Moore sometimes gets it right when he goes after certain people. However, in this case he offered this girl a job when he heard what she did. Clearly, he got it very wrong on this one.

This girl is completely misinformed to even think for a second that Canada should follow the Arab world and have an Arab spring. Canada should send this girl to Syria or Bahrain for a week. I suspect when she would come back to Canada she would want to give the Prime Minister a hug. What this girl is actually upset about is that there were more Canadians that disagreed with her political views than those that agreed with her. She is essentially not accepting the results of Canada’s perfectly legal and fair election. Ironically, she seems to be a lot more like a Middle East dictator than PM Harper is (see Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and how he rigged his election because he didn’t agree with the majority of his citizens).

By Michael Moore supporting this girl and her actions, he is also going against the Canadian people’s decision which is theĀ epitomeĀ of being undemocratic. He is a long time opponent of PM Harper because Harper is more right leaning vs. Moore who is left leaning, like I mentioned. He says that Harper is taking Canada closer to becoming like the U.S. When he says this he means the part of the U.S. that he does not like. Many of the things that he does not like about the U.S. are also things that most Canadians don’t like about the U.S. such as their gun laws, as an example. What he fails to understand is that Canada has different demographics. Unlike the U.S. which has a more scattered population, most Canadians live in cities and do not want gun laws like the U.S.

Both Michael Moore and this former page need to accept Canada’s accurate election results and stop acting like a spoiled child that didn’t get his or her way. About a month ago Canadians chose to give Stephen Harper and his party a majority government. Obviously, this former page and Michael Moore did not agree with that choice. Sounds like a simple case of sour grapes.