Michael Jordan finally goes on cover of video game

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It has taken dozens upon dozens of basketball video games and many years, but Michael Jordan will finally grace the cover of a video game. The game is called NBA 2K11 and features Jordan, best athlete of all time, not only in the cover of the game but as a playable character within it as well.

For all these years, Michael Jordan has been absent from almost every basketball video game. The fact that he is in this one should help sales of this game sky rocket. For game maker, 2K Sports it is obvious why they would do this so I won’t get in to that. However, when asked, Michael Jordan said that he decided to be featured in a game now because there is an entire generation of people that have never seen him play. He says they know him from the Space Jam movie, but this game is the closest thing to actually watching him play basketball.

He is basically saying that this is a part of his strategy to keep his brand and recognition relevant today. Unfortunately, as the years go on it will only be harder for him to succeed at this. So far he is doing a lot to maintain his image, such as owning the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats and signing NBA stars to shoe endorsements to the Jordan Brand shoes and apparel that bears his name and silhouette. He also still appears in TV commercials for various products that he endorses.

It is probably a good idea for him to do this game. There are millions of people that have always wanted to play him in video games in the past so for those people this is long overdue.