Media to blame

I wasn’t going to weigh in on that crazy Pastor Terry Jones from Gainesville, FL. However, I just couldn’t resist. The latest on this whack job is that in his words he “…will definitely not burn the Qur’an…not today, not ever.” This is obviously good news. The reason for this change of heart? As he put it “we feel that God is telling us to stop”. By that he probably means one of two things (maybe both). Either all the top government officials and many other influential people were able to knock some sense in to him or people threatened to kill him and that scared him straight. Either way, it’s the result that counts.

This whole situation should never have gotten as big as it did. This guy is clearly barely capable of forming a complete thought that sounds normal, so no one should be taking anything this guy does or says seriously. However, the media made this guy a star and that is very unfortunate. The risk that has been created is that now a whole new slew of idiots might think that they can draw worldwide attention just by threatening to burn a Qur’an.

The media should be a lot more responsible and all of them should apologize for making this a news story. They should also learn from their mistake and not make this a story the next time some moron decides to burn a Qur’an. People in the western world should know that many people in the Muslim world do not have the education and information resources that we do. This makes them more ignorant and likely to riot in the streets because of something like burning a Qur’an. For this we can not totally blame them and we have the responsibility to not anger them for nothing like that.

Basically, although this guy is an idiot that got lucky with the attention he drew; the media must correct itself and prevent this from happening in the future.