Mayweather tarnishes his legacy

mayweather Pictures, Images and Photos Floyd Mayweather is considered by many to be the best boxer right now. People say that either he or Manny Pacquiao is currently the best. Mayweather is undefeated and is the current welterweight champion of the world. He is not known for his power punches. He is known for his speed and skill. He often frustrates his opponents by punching then ducking, using his speed to render offenses against him ineffective. He is also well known for trash talking and for not being modest at all.

This past weekend Floyd Mayweather had a very heavily promoted match against up and comer, Victor Ortiz. Mayweather was supposed to win this fight, then go on to face Manny Pacquiao to cement his name among boxing’s greats. It was during this fight against Ortiz, specifically the end of the fight that not only postponed a potential match against Pacquiao but also threatens his legacy as a great boxer.

After a clash of heads, for which Ortiz was deducted a point, the challenger walked over to Mayweather while the fight was back on to apologize. This is a common gesture of good sportsmanship that is generally accepted by the other fighter. However, instead of simply accepting and getting on with the fight in a sportsmanlike way, Mayweather stunned Ortiz and the world with two cheap shots to the face, the second one resulting in a knock-out of Ortiz.

This was an awful way for a champion to win a fight. Mayweather is often compared to Roy Jones Jr., a great boxer that was the best of the best in the 90′s. It is even mentioned that Mayweather has speed similar to that of Roy Jones. Unfortunately for Mayweather, those comparisons will end now after this disgusting display. The fact is that Roy Jones Jr. never has and never would do such a thing to an opponent. Jones was a true champion. Mayweather is loser, even though he still holds the title and a flawless official record. In fact, the only reason Mayweather gets away with his actions is because boxing does not have a governing body like the UFC or other sports leagues. If something like this happened in the UFC, that fighter would be severely punished, even if it was the champion.

I hope to see a rematch soon and I can speak for almost everyone in saying that I hope Ortiz gives Mayweather the knock out he deserves.