Manufacturing jobs available but no one wants them

If you are looking for a job in the United States or Canada, you can find one, but chances are you won’t take it. Manufacturing jobs are available throughout North America but, increasingly people are less willing to take those positions. I saw a report about this on television recently that suggests that there are hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs available and even with this high unemployment rate they are not getting filled. It said that only a relatively small percentage of youth would consider taking a manufacturing job. Some manufacturing jobs can earn a very good income, in some cases six figures. So why do we not want these jobs?

There is a stigma out there that if you work in manufacturing then you might be good with your hands, but no so much with your brain. This obviously is not true. However, most manufacturing jobs require far less education, usually no University degree is required, just a trade program certificate. Also, blue collar jobs are considered the low end of the food chain as far as most companies’ business structure goes. Perhaps the biggest reason that people don’t want blue collar jobs is because our society is shifting towards less physical work and more mental work, or working via your brain instead of your hands. I think that this is not a bad thing like the manufacturing industry says, in fact, I think this is a sign of progression and a natural evolution for an advanced society.

I think the government and special interest groups try to force the sustainability and creation of manufacturing jobs in the US and Canada, but I think ultimately these two countries will consist of very little manufacturing and depend more on the design, management, development, scientific, executive and service sectors as the economic engine. Manufacturing will be the bread and butter of less developed and educated countries and that is precisely how it should be. Everyone should do what they are best at. North Americans are best at being entrepreneurial, making tough business decisions and creating. It is undeniable that other countries are not as good as the USA in particular and these tasks (just look at the top companies in the world and see how many of them are American). At the same time, China is better at manufacturing, this is also undeniable. If this were not the case then companies would be headquartered in other countries and using the US to make the goods for the entire world, not the other way around.

The quicker North Americans accept this and focus on educating more people in Universities and less in professional trades programs, it will make the US and Canada more efficient and more competitive. Let’s be clear though, some trades will always be necessary in North America. We will always need manufacturing services, otherwise the society would come to a screeching halt. Someone has to do the plumbing, electrical work, construction and many other jobs and without them we would not be able to function at all. It is the product manufacturing that is mostly not necessary on this continent.