LA Auto Show is important for Chrysler


The LA Auto Show is going on right now and it holds a lot of importance for many auto manufacturers. For some this show is more important than for others because some of them are using it as the platform to debut some new models. It is one of the biggest auto shows around so the media frenzy and the big budgets come out in full force for it. Chrysler is one of the companies that are using this year’s LA Auto Show to debut a few models. However, for Chrysler these new models may decide what their future will look like.

They are trying to re-design their entire line up and brand image. They were and are the worst of the three American auto makers. Ford is doing well on all fronts and GM is doing better with a bright future ahead of them. However, Chrysler seems to not have progressed very much at all and they were in worse shape than the other two when they all came asking for government bail outs (Ford did not ask for a bail out, just a line of credit). So how are the new models you ask?

Well, I’m not in LA so I am only going by images right now. However, the first thing I noticed was a new logo. The new Chrysler logo featured on the new Chrysler 200 (which I’ll get to in a minute) looks similar to the classic Ford logo. Instead of a blue oval like Ford, Chrysler now has a similar looking elongated blue trapezoid. The font they use to spell the company name is different from Ford’s as well, but it certainly reminds me of it overall.

Their biggest debut so far in this auto show was the Chrysler 200. Although they say it is an all new model, you can instantly tell that in fact, it is a slightly better looking Chrysler Sebring. It looks like they took the cheap approach to launching an all new model because other than some minor visual and perhaps a few material improvements, this car basically looks the same as the old, crappy Sebring. The Chrysler Sebring is one of the factors that made Chrysler a bad auto maker, so making anything that is even remotely similar to it, let alone something that seems like a souped-up of version of it can not be good. Judging by this model alone, I would have to say that things are not looking good for Chrysler.

A quick side not to this story though: If you read the media articles about the “new” Chrysler and the all new Chrysler 200, you will get a much more optimistic view point. However, keep in mind this is mostly North American patriotism and wishful thinking. You’ll find the truth right here.