Key for success in business

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There are many keys to being successful in business. Things like proper planning, the right strategy and above all, execution cannot be overlooked. However, there is one key that if done well can cover up many mistakes in the aspects I just mentioned. That key is relationships.

Beyond anything in a venture or company, a business is about people and the relationships developed with people. Being successful in business requires forging and strengthening relationships with clients/customers. A strong relationship with a customer will create loyalty and understanding which will see that customer stay loyal to your business even if a mistake is made or if a competitor has a lower price. Having solid and mutually beneficial relationships with customers will create value for them and this positive experience will encourage them to refer new business to you in the form of repeat orders and referrals of new customers.

If you are in business and have done all the right planning and executing except for developing strong relationships, then you are likely to fail or at least be far less successful than you would be otherwise. You must focus on developing relationships with customers and continue to strengthen them constantly. You must also look to develop new relationships with new customers and continue this cycle. This is the true recipe for success in business. The rule applies not only to customers, but also to employees, suppliers, colleagues, etc…

Business is about people. As a business person, you must always make sure that the priority of your company is building relationships between you, your company and the customer (or potential customer). This rule applies to every business in every industry. It is the oxygen to the business’ blood. By keeping this crucial message in mind, you are much closer to achieving success in business.