Jon Stewart influences the news media

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Last week, Jon Stewart was a guest on CNN’s Larry King Live. The Daily Show host is at least partly responsible for the axing of former CNN news host Rick Sanchez and for the political CNN show from several years ago, Crossfire. In some ways, his criticism of CNN has been a thorn in their side, but his popularity and strong points in his criticism have made it hard for them to ignore him.

You would think that maybe CNN would not want to have him appear live on their network, but that again shows his popularity in our culture today. He had only good things to say about Larry King and also for another CNN host, Anderson Cooper, but again criticized the network in general. He also picked on CNN’s newest political show, Parker Spitzer. He believes that CNN only shows both political ideologies and lets them debate it instead of taking a stand when one of them or both of them are blowing hot air. This argument does have merit because it would be nice to see more knowledgeable journalists call politicians on their lies in a more direct way. Doing this would make it easier for people to see who is genuine and who is an idiot.

For Jon Stewart, this publicity helps his brand and show. Personally, I like Stephen Colbert’s show a lot more but, Jon Stewart does make good points about the media. In fact, more people of influence should do what he is doing. Now this is not for all people of influence, only those that deal with and understand politics like he does. No one wants to hear what actors and athletes think about politics because too many of them no nothing about the subject. However, the ones that do understand it should keep the news media honest.