Jewellery in business

A very expensive watch for Ken. Pictures, Images and Photos

It is natural and a good idea to dress nice for business meetings. It gives a good first impression which is very important and shows that you are a serious person to deal with. When you dress for a meeting a business suit is often called for. Accessories for men and women often go well with professional business attire. However, jewellery in particular can send different messages and need to be thought through when deciding what exactly to wear.

By jewellery and accessories I am referring to watches, necklaces, bracelets, rings, pen, etc… Watches are easy to use as an example because they are often easier to spot the price range that they are in based on the brand name. If you walk in to a meeting with a Rolex watch on for instance, that can send very different messages depending on several variables. The person or people you are meeting with may think that you are successful and thus would want to do business with you. This is a great reaction to receive and makes the cost of the watch worth it. However, it may go the complete opposite direction as well.

Someone you are meeting with for business may find you to be a be a show off if you wear a Rolex to the meeting or they may think “this person is making so much money so there is a lot of room to negotiate the price down”. These are not good reactions and should be avoided whenever possible. The same goes for big diamond covered jewellery or jewellery thick with a lot of gold.

It is important to look at who you are meeting with and what the purpose and goal of the meeting is for you. If it is well thought through, you can make these accessories help relay the message you want to the person/people you’re meeting with in order to achieve the results you’re looking for. Also keep in mind what they think of you before the meeting and know that the accessories you show in the meeting will impact that one way or the other.