Israel should sue the UN

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On Friday Richard Goldstone, who chaired the United Nations Goldstone Report did a complete 180. The Goldstone Report was an investigation conducted by the UN into the war Israel had with Hamas in Gaza in late 2008- early 2009. Initially, the Goldstone Report concluded that Israel committed human rights violations and war crimes in how they supposedly targeted civilians in Gaza. The report was very damaging to Israel’s image and caused them to lose a lot of money in global trade due to boycotts and brand damage. However, it turns out that all that negative stuff about Israel was not true and in fact, the complete opposite was true.

Richard Goldstone said that he now realizes, given all the data he has, especially from the Israel Defense Forces and likely some common sense that Israel acted with the utmost carefulness towards innocent civilians in Gaza. However, the damage has already been done. Now that Richard Goldstone admitted that he was totally wrong in blaming Israel, this raises a very important question. Should Israel not receive serious compensation for the damage this nonsense report caused? It would appear that the answer is a clear YES. Now, suing the UN is a tricky thing. After all, every member nation financially supports the UN, including Israel and the U.S. (which pays more than anyone else). However, on this issue it would still be worth it for Israel to sue. They should probably be suing the UN for well over $100 billion because they really did lose a lot of money due to this pathetic report.

I don’t know what the precedent or law is for suing the UN, however, they should try to get the best lawyers in the world for this one. I’m thinking Alan Dershowitz. Perhaps they can now also sue Hamas which may be an easy legal victory but would almost certainly not result in them forking over any money since they are lawless terrorists after all. Regardless of which legal avenue is taken by Israel on this issue, they should definitely look into suing someone for many billions of dollars. This would be the fairest ending to an unfair report that has since been completely reversed and rightfully so.