Is your mobile device safe?

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Is your smartphone or tablet safe from hackers? It depends. It depends what type of system it is running. If you have an Apple device like an iPhone or iPad then you’re good. If you have a Windows based device running the latest Windows operating system then your fine as well. If however, you are running Google’s Android, then you are not as protected. It’s true, Android does not have some of the important anti-hacking safeguards that Apple and Windows-run devices have. This makes Android phones and tablets more┬ásusceptible┬áto hacking and identity theft. So what can you do?

It seems like other than switching to an Apple or Windows device, there is not much you can do. In fact experts say that there isn’t even much Google can do to address the problem short of re-doing Android from scratch. The only good news (if I can call it that) to this whole thing is that it seems that hacking on Android is not as prevalent as it could be. It may be growing but, so far I haven’t heard of too many big incidents involving hacking on Android devices.

Still, this is problem for Google as they are in an important and close race with Apple for mobile device supremacy. I can already see the Apple ads exploiting Google’s weakness like they did with the Mac vs. PC ads not that long ago. It remains to be seen if this problem will hurt Google even before hacking on their devices is common place. I guess that depends on how focused Apple’s marketing machine will be on this point.