Is vertical farming good or bad?

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Vertical farming (the type I’m referring to) is the concept whereby you build skyscrapers or other buildings that are essentially green houses where you grow crops. Each floor will be like an indoor farm for various edible plants. It is an idea that appears to be the future of farming due to population growth and lack of arable land. However, some people do not like this idea at all because they feel that it is not natural to grow crops indoors with no natural sunlight, air and rain water. They prefer traditional farms or rooftop gardens on top of buildings with no ceiling above them.

However, these people are simply not correct. It is wrong to think that traditional farming is completely natural. Farms did not create themselves. It was humans that did it. Farming was developed around 10,000 years ago or so. Before that, people were just hunters and gatherers and likely had to travel constantly to find food. In addition, modern farms usually require pesticides, herbicides, scarecrows and other tools to prevent animals from eating the crops. These are all human technologies.

Vertical farming removes the harmful chemicals and potential animal feces run-off. Today’s technology allows the plants to grow faster, cleaner and with a higher level of monitoring and precision than traditional farming. It can also meet the growing demands we have for food due to a growing population. This is a technology and concept that I believe can and will be the future of farming. I would also be more trusting of plants that are grown indoors under supervision than those grown outside with various animals nibbling and urinating on them.

In the next few years we will likely see companies beginning to invest in these structures and within 10 years I would expect to see grocery store produce originating from these buildings.