Is the Tea Party extreme?

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It is a growing movement in the U.S. right now that is changing the landscape of politics there. The Tea Party is a right-wing, conservative movement with no official leader, but it has surprisingly been winning elections over Republican candidates. The real test of course, will come in the mid term elections when they try to win some races against Democrats.

Most of their positions are more right-wing than the Republican Party, however, not all of the Teat Party supporters are extreme Conservatives. A good number of Tea Party supporters are actually centrists and there are even some that would vote Democrat if there is no Tea Party candidate running. So why would moderates and some left-leaning people support the more extreme Tea Party? The driving force behind a lot of Tea Party supporters is frustration with the two party system.

Both the Republican and Democratic parties care more about winning political points against their opponents than working for the public good. They would rather see the country crumble than work with someone on the other side that happens to be in power. This is obviously really bad for the country and for the citizens that are supposed to be represented by the elected officials. There is no certainty that Tea Party candidates would work with the other parties at all, but people are fed up and want an alternative.

I don’t know that the Tea Party will become a staple of American politics, but the idea of a legitimate third party is one that can and should stick around.