Is Tea Party coming to Canada?

Well, not exactly. The upstart right-wing political party that emerged recently in the U.S. has not actually crossed the border into Canada. However, according to a recent Toronto Star report (click here to read it), Ontario is seeing a potential new movement in the province that is also right-wing. The person behind it is Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s former chief of staff and deputy campaign manager, Nick Kouvalis. To be clear, we are talking about a fiscally conservative movement. There is no mention, at least for now about any social issues. This is a very important distinction from the Tea Party in the U.S.

The U.S. Tea Party is a very right-wing conservative movement from both a fiscal and social perspective. Most Canadians and certainly most Ontarians do not support the Tea Party. Much of this has to do with the racist undertones that the movement has and its association with the Republican Party which most Canadians do not support. The fiscally conservative movement that may be rising in Ontario is not the same at all as the Tea Party and only shares the fiscally conservative mindset.

Really, this movement is part of the inevitable unhappiness Ontarians have with the current provincial government led by Premier Dalton McGuinty. He and his Liberal Party have been nothing short of awful and finally it appears that people are starting to realize it. Although he is not connected to this new movement in Ontario, the Ontario PC Party leader, Tim Hudak stands to gain the most from it. You probably have not heard of this person before, but you definitely will in a few months. The provincial election in Ontario is scheduled for October 6th of this year and Progressive Conservative Party leader, Tim Hudak can use a motivated movement that is anti-Liberal and anti-McGuinty. This movement is something to keep an eye out for if and when they become known in the public sphere. We should all listen to what they have to say and judge them on their merits without listening to people connecting them to the U.S. Tea Party.