Is Iranian plot made up?

Shocking news came out a couple of days ago about an Iranian plot to murder the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. in Washington D.C. Apparently it was planned by a terrorist group within the Iranian government and one person in the U.S. is arrested and confessed to the crimes. Many people are skeptical whether this plot is true or whether it is something the United States made up to get Russia and China to finally agree to tough sanctions against Iran at the UN.

It is way too soon to tell if the U.S. made this whole thing up or whether it is true. However, I actually don’t really think this is the most important part of this story. Even if this thing is made up, it might just be a genius plan on the part of the U.S.

China relies on both Saudi Arabia and Iran for oil. They are unwilling to place sanctions on Iran for this reason. However, if now there is evidence (real or fake) that a high ranking Saudi government official was targeted by them then the Saudis will insist on sanctions being placed on Iran. It will force China to choose between Saudi Arabia and Iran. China would likely have to choose Saudi Arabia in such a situation because they import more oil from them than from Iran. If China agrees to not veto sanctions on Iran, Russia may be convinced as well. If this happens then meaningful sanction on Iran could do real harm to that country’s dictatorship government that threatens the world with a nuclear program.

If this assassination plot is a made up idea by the U.S. and it ends up working then it will be a genius idea that will one day be turned into a great movie and book. It will mean the U.S. essentially tricked the world into saving itself from the most dangerous government around. If this plot if actually true, then the Iranian government is dumber than most people believed. Either way, this story will be very interesting to follow.