Is Greek yogurt really good for Greece?

Chobani Greek Yogurt Pictures, Images and Photos All day yesterday the media kept running stories about Greek yogurt and how amidst all the awful economic news coming out of Greece, this is one good thing that the country is exporting. Greek yogurt is becoming massively popular in North America and even closing in on traditional yogurt. Greek yogurt is the latest fad in food. Although it may not be a fad at all, but rather a new staple in our refrigerator and a serious long term competitor to the traditional yogurt that we are used to in North America.

The problem with the stories the media is running on this topic is that it doesn’t benefit Greece in any meaningful way. Sure, the product was originated in Greece and perhaps some of the entrepreneurs behind the craze are of Greek background. However, the major companies dominating the market in North America are not Greek. They are mostly American and Canadian (in Canada). I don’t see how Greece is making any money from this export. They have exported the idea, but not the companies or the products.

What all this really tells me and should be telling people in Greece is just how bad things are for the economically challenged European nation. When the best thing they got going for them is a product which bares its name but does not return any exporting dollars back to the country, you know you have serious problems. Greece needs to start making things people want to buy. This means actually working hard, which is something they are not known for. They need some of that German work ethic and some of that American entrepreneurial spirit in order to climb out of their massive hole. Tourism alone is not enough. Hopefully they will figure it out soon because although they will likely default at some point, nothing will change for them if they don’t start exporting things to other countries.

Until that happens, all we can do is eat Greek yogurt and pretend we’re helping the Greek economy. The American economy will thank you for it.