Is experience really better than youth?

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When a company is looking to hire new employees there is always a decision that needs to be made. Should they hire an experienced person or a younger individual that has the skills, education and high energy level, but perhaps lacks experience? This is a tough choice to make and a lot of times it depends on the job description and what the results the company is looking for are. In sales, marketing and even strategy positions however, companies often side with experience over youth and this is not always a good selection for the long term.

Experienced employees that are in their forties and fifties can draw upon that wealth of experience to help make decisions, close new accounts, etc… At the same time, these individuals often come with baggage such as bad habits and loss of some energy. Having a high energy level, especially in sales is essential but often over looked. This is a major reason why a younger candidate may be the better option.

A younger person that is looking to prove himself/herself to the company, industry and the world will be more willing to work harder and for longer hours. A high energy level, combined with a positive attitude is usually a great combination for sales. In addition, a younger person that lacks experience also lacks the bad habits that come with it. This allows the company to mold that person in the way that best fits the company’s objectives.

When looking to hire someone for a growing company, younger candidates offer many advantages over older, more experienced individuals. Although experience is an important factor, for many positions, there are other factors that can more than make up that one drawback to hiring a younger candidate.