Iraq war officially over

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Yesterday, President Obama officially declared an end to the Iraq war so I thought it was fitting to discuss it today. The Iraq war started with a swift and crushing, even embarrassing defeat of the Iraqi military. Within 2-3 weeks, the country was completely in the control of the U.S. forces. However, from that point on things went downhill. Sectarian violence, a bloody insurgency and interference from Iran made things very messy. Eventually the U.S. was able to turn it around and it allowed them to hand over control to the Iraqi army and government, hopefully for good.

Economically, this war was bad for America. The cost of this war was about $1 Trillion. This money could have been spent paying down the national debt or spent creating businesses at home. It also created an Iran that did not have Saddam Hussein to be mindful of and that is a major reason why they are the threat they are today. In addition, relations with many countries around the world were strained and although President Obama has repaired that image somewhat, the U.S. economy has certainly lost money as a result of this negative image people have of America, due largely in part to the Iraq war.

For Iraq the end of this war means that business opportunities there are not hard to find. There is demand in Iraq for almost everything. Big projects like infrastructure and banking to small businesses like medical equipment and educational tools are in hot demand. Of course, you would need to have a certain level of bravery to go to Iraq with all the security issues you hear in the news but the business potential is definitely there.

Expanding in to Iraq and utilizing the opportunities there is much easier for large multinationals than it is for small and medium sized companies. In order to have a chance to succeed there, you must speak Arabic. That doesn’t mean everyone in the company needs to speak it but the people that will be traveling there and doing business there must speak it. A good idea might be to partner up with larger companies that already have a presence there instead of starting from scratch.

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi war is officially over now even though violence in that country will continue for some time. Many people did not think this day would come, at least not on America’s terms so this is impressive to some degree. Hopefully, the Iraqis will be able to maintain and build their country and not turn the situation there in to one where the U.S. has to re-enter the country with combat troops. This would be terrible for both countries and really the entire world.