Iran helping U.S. economy

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It appears that a deal is in the works for the United States to sell various military aircraft to Saudi Arabia. The deal is said to be worth about $60 billion and includes F-15′s and Black Hawk helicopters. This is great for the defense industry which recently said it expects a slowdown in business. Without a doubt, the reason behind Saudi Arabia going on a military spending spree is a real fear of Iran.

Saudi Arabia is a Sunni Muslim country in the Middle East and Iran is a Shia Muslim nation. There is a long history of the two sects of Islam not being in harmony with one another and with a rising threat from Iran, most countries in the Middle East are worried that their security is at risk. This fear is not just an illusion. In fact, it is quite likely that Iran would look to undermine these nations as a second step after they look to undermine Israel.

Therefore, without intending on doing so, Iran is strengthening the American economy. Saudi Arabia is not the only Arab nation buying up weapons systems due to this fear. The United Arab Emirates are in the process of purchasing a missile defense system from the U.S. as well. The U.S. would obviously rather Iran not become a threat and not sell all these weapons to the Middle East, but at least there is some positives in the growing Iranian threat. It is unlikely that Saudi Arabia would go to war with Iran, but the presence of such firepower would hopefully be enough to prevent Iran from attacking them.

Iran is less likely to directly do anything to any country. Instead, I strongly believe that they would look to their terrorist proxy, Hezbollah, to do their dirty work. This way, Iran can say that they are not responsible for anything which they hope would spare them from being directly attacked. Time will tell how this will all play out.