iPhone announcement in one week

Apple announced that in one week from today, they will hold an event called “Let’s talk iPhone”. We all know what that means, a new iPhone. The venue is a bit of a surprise this time, being held at their Cupertino, California headquarters. Usually they like to hold such events at larger venues, not sure if we should be reading anything into that.

It will be the first major product launch since Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO. For some reason, there are still people that think Jobs may show up at this event. I am sure he will not. Right now there are a lot of rumors (many of them conflicting) about what the new iPhone will have and look like. This is very normal one week before a major product announcement. There are even rumors suggesting that more than one new iPhone will be unveiled. The first will be the next generation to the current iPhone 4 and the second will be geared towards more price conscious customers. The only reason I am even mentioning this rumor is because it’s not the first time I’ve heard about this possibility.

One thing we can count on with the new iPhone is that it will be made to work seamlessly with iCloud. That means the transition to the cloud is about to take its biggest steps ever to becoming mainstream.

I will also be looking to see if the new iPhone will be in full 4G. This is the next generation of speed for a mobile device on the internet. It will put pressure on wireless carriers around the world to upgrade their networks so that the new iPhone will perform like it’s meant to. This will be a meaningful improvement for surfing the net.

In one week, Apple is likely to change the world once again with a new iPhone. We are all looking forward to it with anticipation.