iPad outselling iPhone

Apple iPad

I have a very good question for everyone today: Who is buying the Apple iPad?

Apparently 1 million people have already bought the iPad and it has only been out for 1 month. This is a much faster pace than the original Apple iPhone had when it was first introduced. What makes these figures even more shocking is that until this past Friday, the only version of the iPad that was available was the one that did not include 3G, making the device only useful for connecting to the internet where there is a wireless network present.

The iPad has been selling so well that Apple had to delay the international debut of the product just so they can keep up with the demand in the U.S. The iPad is by far the best e-book reader out there and about 1.5 million e-books have been downloaded on them thus far. It is also said to be the best device for surfing the web and without having tried it yet myself, it seems that it may be true. However, I can also see how it might be less comfortable to use than a laptop because you don’t have to hold the laptop up for the screen to be in a comfortable viewing position. Regardless, people don’t seem to care about that fact.

This device does less than the iPhone does (like the ability to make phone calls) but, because you can buy the non-3G version, one does not have to deal with cell phone carrier AT&T in the U.S. and other companies that a lot people dislike in other countries. Perhaps that has helped the iPad sell at a faster pace than the iPhone did in its first month.

Although the sales of the product are going swimmingly for Apple, the product has still not carved out a specific way of use as a staple for people. Laptops are carried by professionals, students and the younger generation as a means to be connected, get work done anywhere and for a host of other reasons. The iPhone has become an extension of the hand for anyone that owns it as a phone, gaming device and a number of other purposes. The iPad however, does not appear that it is essential to be with its owner at all times like the first two devices because there is not one clear purpose that it does that can not be done by either the laptop or iPhone. Therefore, it only makes sense that the people buying the iPad are those that have extra money and want the newest thing.

The fact that it is not as essential as a laptop or smartphone makes it a limited product compared to the previous two and this can eventually give it a lower ceiling in terms of sales than the two devices it is trying to squeeze between. Only time will tell if this theory prevails or maybe iPad users will discover some need that the device satisfies and before too long everyone will carry it along with their other devices.