Investing in weed

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A lot of people would like to invest in the growing marijuana industry. However, because marijuana is technically illegal except for some states in the U.S. where it is allowed but only for medicinal uses, investing in the drug is difficult. In order to profit from this emerging industry while avoiding legal problems, people are looking for creative ways to do business. According to a recent Bloomberg report (click here to read it), two companies seem to have found a couple of ways of doing just that.

General Cannabis Inc. operates several businesses that help legal medicinal marijuana shops operate. They have a website that helps customers find the nearest marijuana store, as well as a company that handles administrative tasks for marijuana stores. They also own a payment processing technology for those same stores. The most interesting thing about this company is that they are planning to go public and issue an IPO soon. This will begin to give legitimacy to the entire industry.

Another company that is planning on issuing an IPO soon is GrowOp Technology Ltd. This company sells mobile trailers that are ready to go on purchase and allow marijuana distributors to grow weed. The trailers sell for $30,000 to $80,000 and will instantly put you in the business of growing weed. Both of these companies are profitable, growing and have plans for much bigger growth once they go public. They also do not sell weed thereby reducing the chance of encountering legal issues. They could still run in to legal trouble because they are helping people grow and sell weed. However, with the potential upside of this emerging industry, some people are seeing it as a risk worth taking. Once these companies go public, I would not be surprised to see marijuana gain legitimacy and slowly it will become like alcohol and cigarettes are seen and enforced today.

I personally don’t care at all about the drug. The only thing that I care about here is the business story that it is. I find this a much healthier approach.