Income by religion

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I was just looking at the results of a comprehensive study that categorized people by religion. It is for the U.S. population, but it is fairly safe to assume that at least Canada would have very similar results. There were many aspects that were looked at and many questions asked. However, the most notable one, at least from the news headlines perspective was the income and education distribution among religions. It found that much more important than religion is education that dictates the income level one may have.

Obviously, the more educated someone is the higher that person will earn on average. However, the correlation between education and income level is so tight that it outweighs every other factor in almost every case. If you want to look at all the findings of this study in an easy to understand way, click here. It isn’t the case 100% of the time that the religions with higher education levels also have higher income levels, but it’s pretty close.

Hindus have the highest education level on average from all the religions. However, Jews earn the most even though they are second in education level. I believe there is a logical explanation for this discrepancy. Although 48% of Hindus have a post-graduate education, which is easily the highest from all religions, it is likely that many of those degrees were earned in India. A degree from most Indian schools does not count as equal to the same degree in North America (nor should it). However, Jews likely earned most of their degrees in North America, Israel or Western Europe, all of which have the best universities in the world.

Outside of that anomaly and maybe one other, the message is clear from this study. Education is important to a better future. Another thing is also shown by this study. Some religions have more devoted followers. However, this does not lead them to more money or better education. If you look at the results of this survey you will likely see many interesting results that will make you think about religion in a slightly different way (or confirm your existing thoughts on the topic) like it did for me.