Important month for Palestinians

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September is going to be a very important month for Palestinians. They are trying to persuade the world’s countries to vote for an independent Palestinian state at the UN. Some countries have already said that they will vote for them and some have said the opposite. The most important country on this vote, Israel, is completely against this idea. Not because they don’t want the Palestinians to have a legitimate country, but because this idea of a unilateral vote and declaration won’t lead to anything resembling a real country even if it passes.

Any clear thinking person that understands the Israeli-Palestinian issue will tell you that the only way to have two independent nations living in peace and security with one another is through negotiating, not a UN vote. In order to negotiate a resolution with Israel, the Palestinians first need to rid themselves of Hamas which controls Gaza. They also need to have a party that is in control of both Palestinian territories, otherwise they will not be speaking for everyone. These two crucial elements are non existent at the moment, making a real Palestinian country impossible for the foreseeable future.

Palestinians still want to have a passage of this vote in the UN to put pressure on Israel. Ironically, the Palestinians do not recognize Israel as a country, even though they won passage in the UN back in 1947 and are an internationally recognized country in every sense of the word.

September will be important for the Palestinians regardless of how and even if this vote takes place. There are worries that another Intifada will commence if the vote fails. It is unclear if this will occur, but both the Palestinians and Israelis are concerned about the possibility. The best case scenario is for the Palestinians not to take up this vote and instead commit to serious negotiations with the Israelis. Although it seems unlikely that they will choose to take this path, hopefully they will realize the reality of the situation and forget about this half-baked idea of a UN vote for a Palestinian state.