IMAX building portable movie theatre

Imax screen

IMAX Corp., the maker of those massive, state-of-the-art movie screens has announced that it will build a portable version of their product that will be set inside a bubble with a seating capacity of about 450 people. They compare their bubble to a tennis bubble, which means that it’s quite large in size (it would have to be to fit their oversized screens).

The purpose of doing this is to be able to reach a much wider audience. Currently, IMAX theatres and/or screens are available mostly in cities and even then, not in every major city. However, this portable bubble will give IMAX the ability to go in to rural areas and developing countries where IMAX does not have much of a presence. It will also allow them to set up a high quality movie theatre during special events like the Olympics or the NBA All-Star Weekend, as two examples.

Their business model for this bubble involves two streams of revenue. First, they plan to charge the 450 people that will be in the audience much like people pay now to see a movie (although there is no word on the price). Secondly, they plan to have this massive bubble be the world’s largest billboard. That means they will be pursuing companies looking to purchase the naming rights for the bubble and plaster their ad or company name on the outside of the structure. I personally love it when one product generates two separate revenue streams for basically the same amount of work as for one revenue stream.

The cost of the portable theatre will be about $1 million, but with the ability to go anywhere and the capability of showing any movie, including 3-D movies, this looks like it will be very profitable for IMAX. They plan to useĀ it a lot in Asia where there are a lot of people that live in rural areas and may not have the transportation or infrastructure in place to go to the nearest major city in hopes of experiencing a movie on an IMAX screen.

Although, I live in the city that is home to IMAX Corp. and am close to multiple IMAX theatres, I am still looking forward to watching a movie in their new bubble when it comes out just to see what it’s like.