IBM uses unique marketing tactic

WATSON THE IBM POEWR7 COMUTER 9 Pictures, Images and Photos
IBM used a very unique and effective marketing tactic recently to promote their new supercomputer. For those that don’t know, a supercomputer is a very high powered system that can do things that regular computers can only dream of. IBM is the leader in this field. Supercomputers are used by large companies in many industries for different uses and are very expensive.

The tactic I am referring to that IBM used to promote this new machine was having it compete on Jeopardy against two of the best players to ever play Jeopardy. The supercomputer, called Watson, beat Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter by more than both of the humans’ scores combined. This showed the incredible power and capabilities that their new product has. It has been reported that there is already a lot of interest from a few industries in the supercomputer.

Although earlier supercomputers competed against humans in various challenges like the computers that played chess against people in the past, it has never been done in such a public and well covered way. The success of this marketing initiative proves that success comes not only from the idea, but the execution. This initiative stands apart from all similar efforts before it because enough buzz was created beforehand and they made it a big stage by being on Jeopardy. No one cares about chess, it’s boring to watch. However, a popular game show is exciting to watch.

Every once in a while a company comes out with a truly great new marketing tactic to promote a product or service. It is more than just a great idea because the idea is usually not as new as one would think. It is all about how it is executed and IBM deserves a lot of credit for their effort on this initiative.