How to negotiate consumer products

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Negotiating Made Easy – Big Ticket Consumer Items

The following is a quick walk through lesson on how to negotiate for big ticket consumer items, usually over $300:

Step 1: Be Confident. Have a positive attitude towards negotiating. Look at it as a game and be confident (or at least pretend to be).

Step 2: Do your homework. Find the exact item you want and comparison shop at other stores. Then, research which store to purchase from. Don’t only look at the lowest price because it is not always the cheapest store that you should purchase from. Follow my key attributes to help choose a store:

1st Attribute: Store needs to have a sales staff that works on commission (otherwise negotiating is more difficult).
2nd Attribute: Good return/exchange policy.
3rd Attribute*: Good and trusted extended warranty. *This is optional and is not applicable in every case

Step 3: Know what you want. Not only the model number but also how important a warranty and/or accessories are. Also, know what price you would like to pay for it and what the most you would be willing to pay for it is. Know your options in case negotiations don’t go as well as you would like, they usually are better than agreeing to a price much higher than what you wanted.

Step 4: The negotiation. Let them know you will buy now if the price is right. Offer them a low price, don’t be shy, it’s part of the game and it evens the playing field. A see-saw battle of prices will commence. This is good, make sure you don’t give more than you get. After that has ended, do same thing for any warranties or accessories you may want. Don’t be afraid to revisit the initial see-saw if it is to your benefit. Take as much time as you need. Make sure the deal is a good one for you. Block out any attempts to make you feel rushed (stay confident). Don’t feel weird taking out a calculator and making sure the numbers fit within your range.

This quick lesson on negotiating for big ticket consumer items will help you make the best deal possible.