How to be productive during holiday season

Virtually all of this week and next week will be a write off in terms of being able to do meaningful business. Of course, this is not counting retail businesses which will see some of their best sales this week. However, for most people this two week period is the time of year that a majority of people are on vacation or struggling to find work to do if they are not vacationing.

For those that are not on vacation it can be a time to catch up on work. This is a very good use of the extra time. In addition to doing that, it is also important to take at least a short mental break. There is one important thing that people should do during this time of year when business tends to wind down until after New Years. Looking ahead to 2011 and coming up with goals and plans to achieve those goals is crucial for success. It is also important to look back at the year that just passed to see what you did well and what you did not do as well. The lessons learned from this should be used next year.

By stepping away from work for a few days and giving yourself time to let your mind relax, it will allow you to see things from a different perspective. This is one of the more underestimated tactics that an entrepreneur, employer, employee and just about anyone can do to improve. You should be honest with yourself when you do this and come up with specific ways to do better. When you come back to work in the New Year you will be more motivated as a result. You will also have a clear target and more visible path to reaching that target.

This is one of the best uses of your time during the holiday season. Try it this year and you will be happy you did. Your business will be as well.