Hot fusion for future energy

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There are many potential alternative energy solutions that have some chance of being the main energy source for our future. One solution that does not get as much attention is hot fusion. It essentially is the same method that keeps the sun shining. You take two atoms and smash them together to form a new atom. This process releases a bunch of energy. In fact, it releases more energy than it takes to create the process, making it net energy positive. This is rare among energy sources.

Perhaps the main reasons hot fusion receives less attention than solar, wind and other sources is because the science has not yet been perfected. There are several groups working on building experimental power plants but, the process is long and expensive in most cases. In addition, the time horizon we are looking at to actually be able to start replacing foreign oil with hot fusion energy is likely over 10 years. Wind and solar energy both are already pumping energy into the grid and this makes it easier to invest in them.

Although the science and production of hot fusion is still being developed, it has many advantages. It is one of the few (maybe even the only) energy sources that produces more energy than it takes to make it work. It has the ability to be a consistent and reliable energy source (unlike wind and solar). Most importantly, it can be produced locally and will not require imports from foreign nations (unlike oil).

If governments invest in this technology and companies/scientists continue to work hard on it, we may eventually see a day where hot fusion is the main energy source for the advanced world. Hopefully it will happen before we run out of oil.