High growth industry

Partially engorged bed bug Pictures, Images and Photos
There is a growing industry in North America that I’d like to share with you today. It is pest control companies, specifically bed bug exterminators. I know it sounds gross to many people, but if you were to start a bed bug extermination business in many large cities across North America, you would have a high chance for success.

Bed bugs have reached epidemic proportions in many major North American cities recently and it is only getting worse. There are already a bunch of companies that offer bed bug extermination, but there is still a lot of room for new entrants. This is especially true for entrants that are web savvy and look to utilize a well built and optimized website as part of their marketing strategy.

It is a business that has a lot of potential and this potential will likely remain for the next few years at least. If you have money to invest in a small business, but don’t want to operate it yourself, then perhaps you can invest in an existing one and implement a better web strategy. Many of the websites in this category do not have a strong web presence. At the same time, many people that are unlucky enough to have a bed bug infestation in their home will often look to Google first to find an exterminator. Having a well built website will go a long way to obtaining new leads. I must caution though, no business should ever focus 100% on one single prong to a marketing strategy. A strong web presence can be a lead prong, but other aspects need to be in place as well.

I know many people would not be attracted by a bed bug business. However, if you take away all the exterminating and the bugs, you are left with a business in an industry that is in near hyper-growth levels with many competitors that lack a strong online presence. I see nothing but potential in this space.