Hezbollah murdered former Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri

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According to a CBC report (click here to read it) released yesterday, terrorist organization, Hezbollah were behind the 2005 killing of former Lebanese Prime Minister, Rafik Hariri. The CBC was the only news agency to break this news as they somehow obtained information from an ongoing UN investigation on the matter. The CBC also said that the UN had been doing a terrible job in this investigation and almost suggested that they may have been even intentionally not looking for the truth (they didn’t say that but that’s the feeling I got from it). The UN’s performance on this issue is almost as important as the facts that were reported.

It is unclear what, if anything will happen as a result of these facts. Even if the case against Hezbollah is strong, that terrorist group has most of the power in Lebanon and is even stronger than the Lebanese Army. This makes it unlikely that they will be punished in any meaningful way for their actions. There is always the chance that Lebanon could have another civil war, but the balance of power is clearly on Hezbollah’s side right now that I don’t know how much that will improve matters for the future of Lebanon.

For the UN, this is yet another piece in a clear picture that the UN is corrupt and meaningless in global politics and certainly in the Middle East. The report even talks about potential infiltration of the UN by Hezbollah which would not be surprising to me but disgusting nonetheless. The UN almost never does the right thing when it comes to the Middle East, unless the western powers heavily influence them on specific cases. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case and we see the results of that once again here.

Although it is unclear what will happen to Lebanon in light of these facts, it is clear that Lebanon would be far better off without Hezbollah or Iranian influence. If they were somehow able to rid themselves of these awful powers, then Lebanon would be able to become the country it could be, which is much more than the country it is right now.