Herman Cain will never win

Herman Cain Pictures, Images and Photos Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain has about as much of a chance at winning the Republican nomination as the board game Scrabble has at becoming an Olympic sport. Herman Cain, who is African American, has no chance at becoming the Republican nominee for President in the 2012 election. There is no way that Republicans will vote for an African American candidate in high enough numbers to win the nomination. There are simply too many racist Republicans out there to let that happen.

President Obama would love for Herman Cain to be his opponent for 2012. It would be a rather easy campaign for the President to win re-election. Cain is very conservative, much more than most Americans. He also does not give the impression that he understands the complex world. This is something that many of the Republican nominees share with him, but it is something that the President does understand and it is essential for being President. The last time there was a President that lacked this trait was George W. Bush and we saw how that turned out.

The fact that Herman Cain is at or near the top in the polls right now for Republican nominees says a lot more about the other candidates than it does about Herman Cain. Everyone knows he won’t win (although they are too politically correct to say it). However, his high poll numbers shows how awful all the other candidates are.

Now I’ve said from the beginning that Romney will eventually win the Republican nomination. This is still the case. However, it isn’t because he is good. It is because everyone else is so bad. Herman Cain will never win this election, but Romney will only win because he’s lucky there is no real talent in the Republican Party.