Google starts e-book store

Google announced on Monday that it has opened a new e-book store. This essentially means that Google will be competing head on with Amazon and even Apple through their iBooks app. The unique part of  the Google e-book store is that they are not selling a special device for it. Sure, they are selling Android smartphones at your local cell phone or electronics store, but they are not directly selling a device that has the primary purpose of being an e-book reader.

In fact, the beauty about this e-book store is that the intention is to let users buy, read and synchronize all their books on almost any device. They are even offering iPad/iPhone apps that will allow you to do this from those devices. The same goes for most e-book readers. The only glaring exception to this is one of, if not the leader in this space, the Amazon Kindle.

This means that they are in direct competition with Amazon over both the e-book store, which is Amazon’s primary business and the device people use to read books with, which for Google would be anything except the Kindle (and hopefully for them, an Android phone). With Apple however, they are only directly competing with iTunes over the e-book store. Google would be happy if everyone bought an iPad and then used the Google e-book store instead of iBooks/iTunes to purchase and read their digital books.

It will be very interesting to see how Google performs in this new venture. They generally are very strong competitors in everything they compete in so this will likely cause Amazon some headaches. Google has the advantage of more people going on their website than Amazon and if they can compete with Amazon on price then the next 3-5 years could be a bumpy road for the current e-book store king, Amazon.