Good time to change fuel ratings for cars

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The next wave of cars is coming soon to North America. Cars that run on more than just gasoline. Cars that run on electricity, either partially or entirely. This means that the fuel ratings we see on car windows in the dealership and the fuel efficiency numbers we hear about in ads needs to change. The fact that new cars that will not fit in the current mold of fuel ratings is a good excuse to fix a faulty system.

The first problem is that Canada and the U.S. use two different formulas to calculate fuel efficiency. This means that commercials airing on American stations in Canada confuse shoppers. Secondly, the current fuel rating system is designed for gasoline cars only. The last and more important problem with the current system is that the numbers are often not as good as advertised. If you’ve ever put the advertised fuel efficiency ratings of a new car to the test, you likely realized that reality is not as fuel efficient. A new formula and system needs to be developed that will be versatile enough to work for various types of cars like electric, gas and hybrid powered cars. The new system also needs to be more accurate to give customers a more realistic chance to forecast the costs associated with owning and driving a particular vehicle.

Currently, fuel ratings are split between city and highway driving. However, most people do not only drive their vehicle in only the city or only on the highway. Most drivers also don’t have an exact 50/50 split in the two either, so a more customizable system needs to be developed to give each driver the unique figures that are relevant to them. This does not have to be as tough as it may seem. By answering a few quick questions about driving habits a customer can be given a ratio or serial number that represents their unique driving situation. This number would hold that data and when entered in a computer will spit out the true fuel rating for their driving habits. This is a better system that coupled with a new versatile way for calculating fuel efficiency, will give everyone a better idea of which vehicle is best for them. This alone will help reduce carbon emissions.