Good news from TV land


NBC has been the punch line of many jokes in the television industry for the last few years. They have been getting pummeled in TV ratings with a generally poor lineup of shows. Oh yeah, and that whole Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien drama really added some fuel to a fire that was already burning uncontrollably. However, in the midst of numerous crappy shows NBC has spewed out over the last few years, one of them was a diamond in the rough.

The hit show “The Office” is truly funny and interesting. The show’s main character, Michael Scott, played by funny comedian Steve Carell is among the best characters on TV at the moment. However, Carell is planning on leaving the show at the end of next season to pursue his growing movie career. The good news is that a top NBC executive said this week that “The Office” will continue without Carell and that they are already writing the goodbye’s for Michael Scott that will happen at the end of next season.

“The Office” is a show that has many characters that are liked and are capable of taking the mantle and running with it. Steve Carell’s character was the main character on the show, being the office manager, but there are others that have the ability to make an interesting new boss. It has not been announced yet who the new boss will be and we will see if NBC plans on promoting someone from within the show or hiring someone new completely to be the new boss. There are many rumours right now so I won’t get in to that.

However, it will be interesting to see how NBC manages this transition. They may want to utilize the buzz that will surely be created by keeping the new boss a secret until that episode airs, which can be as late as the season premiere two seasons from now. Doing this however, will be incredibly difficult because many people will be snooping around for the answer. Usually, when you have a piece of information that is highly coveted by the masses, coupled with a relatively large number of people that know it (a TV show is not a two man job), someone is bound to let the cat out of the bag.

The management of the transition is the second story to follow here after the choice of the new boss, obviously. Both decisions will show us how NBC operates now that Comcast owns it and we will see if they really are a better company now than they were for the past few years.

Regardless, the most important thing about all this, especially for fans of the show (myself included) is that “The Office” will continue and we do not have to worry about it ending once Steve Carell makes his final exit from it.