GM slow to adopt technology

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GM is known for its OnStar system which allows you to speak to a call center representative and ask about restaurants, gas stations and other destinations in your area. It also has a turn by turn navigation that works mostly by voice, meaning no LCD screen like other nav systems. These two features are not very good. The call center is not that useful as a lot of the time you are speaking to someone that is not familiar with your city and the navigation is outdated and late with instructions.

The other feature that OnStar has which is good is automatic emergency response if you are in an accident. The system recognizes that you were in a crash and a person will talk to you. They can then call 911 for you and get you help. Although this 911 feature is useful, the overall OnStar system is not relevant anymore and the technology is very outdated and not very useful. This system was good before built-in navigation systems and iPhones became common. Now GM needs to use new technology to keep up. Ford has done this with their Sync system and other car makers offer nav systems plus Bluetooth which addresses the need.

Actually, GM has been so slow to adopt new technologies in this category that they are now at or near the bottom in the industry. They have recently announced that they will update the technology and are working on new ideas for it. However, they now need to catch up to the competition which isn’t exactly stopping to wait for them. It won’t be easy for them to reclaim the leader position in this category, but it is important that they at least be competitive in it.