GM singing happy tune

GM doing better

GM is doing a lot better these days than they did in 2009. They have new and exciting products that are arriving shortly and have a lot of positive publicity surrounding them currently. They are also seeing better sales and interest in their products overall, according to a top executive for the domestic car maker this week.

GM has not benefited as much as Ford has from the big opportunity that Toyota created for them, but still, they are doing better than last year and are definitely on the right track. Toyota, for those that are interested are readying themselves for NASA specialists to test out the electronics on their cars to see if the problems are from a totally different and much more ominous source than Toyota says and hopes.

GM says that they’re seeing a 10%-15% increase in interest and that all their new products are basically sold out. That might be stretching it a bit, as I’m sure you can stroll in to any GM dealership and purchase a new Buick LaCrosse or Chevy Equinox and they’ll find one for you somewhere. Regardless, their new products are doing relatively well and many of them are deserving of it since they are very much improved over the last decade and are at or near the top of the class in more than one offering.

Ford has received the most positive attention and results from the Toyota fallout and GM can not be too happy about that. Some of the reason has to do with Ford not having to ask tax payers for a bailout like GM did and so, the media and public are holding Ford to a brighter light than the other domestics. This is a fair reason, but for someone looking to buy a new car, it would be a good idea to test drive the comparable GM car after the Ford one as it may be just as good or better in some cases and definitely take a look at Ford and GM if you test drove other options.

It is good to see the domestic companies starting to once again succeed and more importantly, make good products. They have also done a fairly good job, at least in the US (not as much in Canada) in capitalizing from Toyota’s downfall. Ford especially has used Toyota as a platform to jump to another level by being in the eyes of many, the first choice as an alternative to Toyota as a whole. I think this is a bit overstated, as every class has its own best cars to choose from and sometimes that is a GM product or other companies all together (here is an article I wrote about specific Toyota alternatives).

Soon, GM will introduce the much anticipated Chevy Volt that can travel for some distance on only electricity and the Chevy Cruze which looks like it has a lot of potential. I will be curious to test drive both these vehicles when they arrive.