Future Shop to add new ‘help’ service, following Best Buy

Canadian electronics retailer, Future Shop, has announced a new service it is calling ConnectPro. This is a similar service to the Geek Squad which is offered at Best Buy. As The Toronto Star article mentions (click here to read it), the ConnectPro service aims to help customers with technical and installation problems they have with technology. The service is not free and will cost $99 for someone to help you with your issue, but for Future Shop it is more than just the $100 they will get for selling the service.

By offering this service, they hope that it will set them apart from bigger players like Wal-Mart. They also think that it will build more trust with their customers which can lead to more customer loyalty when they go to buy other electronics. If done well, it will give Future Shop the opportunity to sell additional products to customers using the ConnectPro service because they will have more trust in the person helping them. It can also improve the company’s brand image to one that is more knowledgeable about the products they sell and technology in general. This could open additional avenues in the future and give them more influence in the consumer electronics industry in Canada.

At $99 this service may be too expensive for certain issues. If someone is having some computer trouble, then paying $99 for someone to fix a simple problem is way too expensive. Most people know someone that can do such a service for free or at least less than that amount. However, for installing and connecting a bunch of systems together like a computer, TV and video game system, this might be something worthwhile. Also, at Future Shop you can negotiate on higher priced items so this new service gives the customer something new to try to get for free when purchasing a few expensive items. I look forward to seeing how Future Shop utilizes this new service.