Future New York taxi has been chosen

NISSAN NV200 Pictures, Images and Photos
New York City has been holding a bidding contest to choose the city’s future taxi cab. Mayor Bloomberg wants New York City to have one type of taxi cab that will be the dominant model for the next decade. The three finalists were Nissan, Ford and a Turkish auto maker called Karsan. According to a recent Bloomberg report (click here to read it), the bid New York City selected was Nissan’s and their NV200 minivan. It is a deal worth about $1 billion over 10 years. This deal means more than just the thousands of taxi cabs that New Yorkers and NYC tourists will be traveling in or the $1 billion Nissan will make from it. This can set the standard for all major cities, especially in North America.

New York City wanted the taxi cab to have many convenience and safety features that are not generally found in today’s taxi cab. The selection of Nissan was not only because of the car, but because of the future potential for the car to use electricity. Nissan is perhaps the leading car maker for future fuel technology. Not only do they have an all electric vehicle called Leaf, but they also partnered with Project Better Place. More accurately, Nissan’s part owner, Renault partnered with Project Better Place, but since Nissan and Renault share the same CEO (Carlos Ghosn), the technology will be transferable to future Nissan vehicles.

Project Better Place, for those that are unaware is a company that invented replaceable car batteries which will act as the main fuel source. They are also developing the switching stations and other infrastructure to eliminate the need for gasoline. This technology may be in New York City’s future now that they selected Nissan as their future taxi cab.

It will be very interesting to see if the Better Place technology is adopted at some point for the New York City taxi cabs and also if other cities look to the Nissan NV200 as their future taxi cab as well.