Ford F-150 immune to recall news

2011 Ford F-150 4WD SuperCrew XLT Chrome in Greensboro, Winston Salem, Asheboro, High Point, Kernersville, Charlotte, Raleigh Pictures, Images and Photos
There are not many cars or car brands that can withstand multiple recalls that make headlines in the news and not show any drop in sales. We all remember Toyota’s seemingly untouchable reputation for reliability in recent years and even they dropped like a rock for a while after being hit with an astounding number of recalls. Even today, they have not yet climbed all the way back to where they were before the recalls and they likely will not for quite a while. The Ford F-150 pick-up truck has also experienced a number of recalls in recent months and years, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at its sales figures.

The F-150 is North America’s top selling vehicle. I didn’t say top selling pick-up truck, I said top selling vehicle. That means more F-150′s are sold than Honda Civic’s, Toyota Corolla’s or any other car. The only thing that seems to have some small impact on sales of the F-150 is high gas prices, but even that effect is relatively minor. So why is the Ford F-150 immune to the recall news that hurt most other vehicles?

The main reason is reputation. The F- series pick-up trucks by Ford have benefited from a solid reputation for quality, reliability and versatility for many years. This reputation has stayed with the F-150 through good times and bad for all those years. This reputation is not all smoke and mirrors because it really is a good vehicle. However, many of its recalls have been publicized more than most other vehicles due to the high sales volumes it achieves every year. Other vehicles would likely see this bad publicity affect the bottom line, but the F-150 is one vehicle that seems to be somewhat immune to bad news. If other car brands or even Ford were able to replicate the strong reputation and loyalty the F-150 enjoys, they would be much happier going to work every day.