Five countries didn’t vote for military action against Libya

UN Security Council Pictures, Images and Photos
Two days ago the UN Security Council voted for military action against Libya in order to give the Gaddafi opposition rebels much needed help in over throwing their murderous dictator. The UN Security Council consists of 5 permanent members with veto power and 10 rotating members. The final vote was 10-0 with 5 abstentions. China, Russia, Brazil, India and Germany abstained from a vote that one would think would be a no-brainer. Why would someone not vote to take out that psycho dictator Gaddafi?

China and Russia have good reasons for not voting for the resolution. Both of those countries are ruled by non democratic leaders themselves. They can’t disallow protests and democracy in their own country, yet support it in other countries. This is no surprise. We should just be happy that neither of those countries used their veto power to stop the resolution in its tracks.

Germany, India and Brazil on the other hand are democracies and simply dropped the ball on this one. Each has their own reason. However, none of those reasons are good enough for an abstention from this vote. Germany doesn’t want to use their military for any of this. They don’t want to incur more expenses and they don’t want to be in another war now (they are in Afghanistan). This is a pathetic excuse, quite frankly. They could have voted for the resolution and still said that the German people do not want their military to take part in the action. No one would force them. They are and likely will help out anyway like cover for the U.S. in Afghanistan while the U.S. takes some assets to Libya and they will will likely also provide weapons to the Libyan opposition. Poor choice by Germany.

India also made a poor choice. They are the largest democracy in the world and are situated in a region where democracies are hard to find. Their excuse was that the UK and France (which led the resolution) rushed and did not discuss it with them in enough detail. Basically, they are upset that they were not respected as one of the emerging powers in the world. This is no time to act like a jealous toddler when the new baby arrives. The message this sends to Gaddafi is that not everyone is against him. Bad move India.

Finally, Brazil. Not voting against the resolution and simply abstaining from it is actually a step up for them, believe it or not. Brazil has a notorious record for not growing a set and calling out dictators. They are trying to slowly change that though because they now have a new, more pro-West President. Still, this was an easy vote to support and would have helped them greatly in their effort to get a permanent Security Council membership. In fact, Brazil, Germany and India all want permanent Security Council membership and all of them shot themselves in the foot with this bad decision. They will likely learn this the hard way.