Financial boost from Oscars

Oscar Award Pictures, Images and Photos Last night many people watched the 83rd annual Academy Awards. It is regarded as the most important movie award show in the world. Most of the people that win these awards are already well to do financially, but still the Oscars are very important to them. Obviously these people all have big egos and are competitive (otherwise they wouldn’t get to where they are), but the Oscars also represent more potential earnings for their future.

Especially for first time Oscar winners, winning an Oscar is usually very good for an actor’s career. The next movie that the Oscar winner has, the trailers will begin with: “featuring Academy Award winner…” This gives the film credibility and can help drive revenue for it. In addition, the next movie contract an actor that now has an Oscar under his/her belt negotiates it is very likely that the result will be an increase in pay. This is somewhat less impactful to multiple Oscar winners because the pay scale plateaus at a certain point.

This is the part of the Oscars that no one ever talks about. However, it is truly what makes the award show as important to the actors as it is. Of course, being recognized as one of the best is very important and is the acting equivalent to winning a championship, but the financial benefits cannot be overlooked. It does not mean that without an Oscar an actor can’t make a lot of money per film, but an Oscar will often increase that actor’s┬ápay check. This is something that this year’s first time winners will soon experience first hand.