Finally a good voting survey

I have tried many voting and political surveys that try to show you where you are in terms of your political views. I’ve tried many, but all of them were inaccurate and mostly a waste of time. That is, until now. With the Canadian federal election coming in about 1 month, the CBC invested some money and made a good survey that asks good simple questions and compares where you are to the current political parties. Keep in mind, the questions asked are issues currently facing Canadians at the polls with only a few general political questions.

I’ve posted a link to the survey at the bottom of this post. For me it was fairly accurate. It correctly told me which political party I am most closely aligned to and therefore, which I should vote for in this election. I know that for a lot of people that are less into politics, they were surprised with the results. This might mean that the survey is correct and that person should take a second look at the parties or it can mean that there is some other reason which was not addressed in the survey that causes that person to choose a particular party over the others.

A survey like this actually serves a purpose. It asks the voter about the questions and issues that may be addressed by the elected government. It is always interesting to me that even though people generally know where they stand on a particular issue, when a computer asks the questions very frankly and simply, it often causes a person to think long and hard about where they stand. This is very healthy for people to do and they should actually do it more often. Anyway, here is the link to take the survey. I would be interested to know what results you got.