Finally, a dealership worth buying from: Volvo of Mississauga

I have been to so many dealerships in the Greater Toronto Area that I have become used to the lies, scamming and unethical games that many of them play and I’m not even talking about used car dealerships. No, I’m talking about new car dealerships for just about all the brands everyone drives. However, recently I found a dealership that is something akin to a rose growing out of concrete for the car dealership industry. Yes, a dealership that did not lie, mislead or try any other unethical tactics that most of them attempt. Volvo of Mississauga maintained integrity throughout the entire process and showed that they are a dealership worth buying a car from.

Now I know this post may sound like I’ve been paid to write praises about Volvo of Mississauga, but in fact it simply the words of someone that has seen how they operate and am impressed with the service they provide. Volvo of Mississauga stands out not only from other brands’ new car dealerships but also from at least a couple other Volvo dealerships in the Greater Toronto Area. Their pricing on an identical new car was about $3,000 less and $1,000 less than other Volvo dealerships, not mention the lies and misleading information those other dealerships peddled.

I do not often give such praise to any individual or company because I am not the type that is easily impressed. With that said, I believe in giving credit where credit is due. In this case, Volvo of Mississauga deserves credit for the way they handled the entire sales process. I would recommend anyone in the Greater Toronto Area that is looking for a new Volvo or a used car of any brand to first call the sales staff at Volvo of Mississauga because not only are you more likely to receive a better price, you also won’t be lied to or scammed in some way.

There are too many car dealerships that give business and sales a bad name. Volvo of Mississauga has integrity and provides an example of ethical business and sales. If every dealership conducted their business like Volvo of Mississauga, then the car buying process would be as fun of an experience as it should be.